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It’s been well over 3 months since I’ve ran. Been spending too much time living the slug life. I wasn’t expecting any records to be broken today but I also wasn’t expecting to fall back in like with running.

My legs and thighs hurt. At times, I was breathing heavily and sporting a red face. My endurance is shot. My pace was hella slow with a side of embarrassing. My heart was beating wildly…but it was because I felt ALIVE.

I hit my step goal before 11am and I can’t wait for my next run. It may be the endorphins talking but I feel like I got my old self back and leaving the slug life behind me.

I decided that I would wait until the 20th to see how my knee is doing to sign up either for the 5K or the quarter marathon for the end of the month. It’s a flat course (thank god!) so I’m going to let my body decide the distance rather than my insecurities. During the race, my feet felt numb. Does this mean I need new shoes? The ones I’m currently using I’ve had since November.

While running the 5K, the men’s winner of the SF Marathon was crossing the finish line. Parisian dude ran it in 2:25:14. So awesome to be able to witness something so incredible. I later heard that the female winner ran it in 2:42:25 which is a course record.

Today I will be planning my meals for the week & also my workouts. If I invested money in the Tone It Up plan, I have to be proactive & plan for success.

Congrats to those who raced today!

Expo for the SF Marathon. If my knee behaves, I’ll be racing on Sunday for the progressive marathon. While there, I signed up for The Giant Race 5K in August. I freaking love the medal.

Also, who buys bread at an expo? I do! Dave’s Killer Bread had a booth & their Sin Dawg Organic Cinnamon Roll is amazing.

• I finished faster than last year but only by like 30 seconds. Being hungover, dry heaving around mile 2 and with the heat, I’m just glad that I did it.

• Yesterday’s 5K was the longest run I’ve done since the half. It was rough.

• I did reach my step goal before noon so that was kind of awesome. I guess that’s what happens when you are active. My Flex was all lit up.

• Saturday ended up with a lovely birthday dinner surprise with some friends. I’m seriously considering not getting on the scale tomorrow. I don’t want to start off the week being bummed out.

• All this celebrating has left me exhausted. I just can’t hang like I used to in my twenties and that’s sort or depressing :)

• Another 5K next weekend. Oh boy!

After work, I went to SF to pick up my bib & shirt for Saturday’s 5K. My goal for this race is to be faster than I was last year. Last year at this race was the first time I actually ran (even if it was for only 30 seconds). It should be a doable goal, right?

I also had some froyo. Whoops :)

My birthday month will be all about running. Registered for a 3rd race for June. This will be the second year that I participate in this race.

Progressive marathon = 23.1 miles in training + 5K race day.

At the beginning of the year I set 13 goals that I want to accomplish this year.  This is part of the 13 in 13 challenge I am taking part of.  Here’s an update on some of those goals:

Run 360 miles this year - I ended up running 30 miles this month (29.7 to be exact) which brought me to 25% of my goal which is right where I wanted to be.  


Give up diet soda - 92 days strong. I almost had some diet Coke this past Friday when I went to a baseball game & my mom bought it for me.  I almost drank it because I felt bad that she spent the money but at the same time, I didn’t want it.  That has been the only real temptation the past 3 months.  


Continue with the healthy lifestyle by following Weight Watchers - I’ve tracked off & on for the month of March. I really haven’t made it a priority and last week I renewed (once again) my commitment to tracking - both on MFP & WW.  I did well the first 4 days but it was downhill from there.  Hoping April will be a fresh start and that I will improve this month. 


Participate in 12 races (plus one more for good luck) - I participated in my second race of the year in March - The Biggest Loser 5K.  I’ve also signed up for two more races which will be in June. 

Work on lowering debt  & create a budget - these are the goals I will be working on this month.  Now that I am employed (yay!), I’ve reactivated my Mint account and will be creating a budget that I can follow. I’ve never really had one but since I am not making the same money as I used to I need to make sure that I spend my money wisely especially if I want to reduce my debt.  

March has had it’s ups & downs but getting a job is definitely the most memorable thing that happened.  I didn’t realize how much I like to have a routine and structure and now that I will have it, I hope that it will help me reach my goals for this year.  


Signed up for a Quarter Marathon (6.55 miles) in June.   This race is part of the Live Ultimate Run Series.  For those in the Bay Area, you can take advantage of the Groupon that’s available right now ($20 for the 5K,  $27 for the Quarter Marathon).  

June will be a busy month for races for me:  

  • See Jane Run 5K on 6/8
  • SF Progressive Marathon (23.1 miles in training & 5K on race day) on 6/16
  • Live Ultimate Run Quarter Marathon on 6/30

I have to continue to show the old me that I am capable of doing those things that I didn’t think I could do.

Flashback Friday - this past
Sunday’s Biggest Loser Run.

The pictures were free for us to download. For a 5K race, they had so many photographers on the course. I’ve never seen that many for a race of 2,000 people.

My first thought after seeing my pictures: oh god! I look like I have t-rex arms.

Second thought: look at me run!

Have to work on making the second thought the priority & completely ignore the first.

Biggest Loser 5K

Today I got super duper early (4:18am) and drove to Sacramento to participate in the Biggest Loser 5K Run/Walk.  I won an entry to this race last year and even with the 90 minute drive, I was happy that I participated.    The 5K took place at Raley Field baseball stadium which is home to the Sacramento River Cats.  The finish line was actually inside the field so that was pretty cool.   I really liked that I saw a lot of runners like myself.  Typically at the races that I’ve attended I don’t see many runners who are in similar shape.  I was happy with my time (49:25) because I wanted to average a 16 minute mile & my average pace was 15:50.  I actually ran my first mile in 15:01 which impressed me but I wore myself out & mile 2 was my slowest mile.  When I’ve been doing my long runs I’ve been averaging a 16:30 mile which is below the pace I expect to do my half marathon in. 

Two past contestants of the show were there - Dan & Jackie Evans and they are the ones promoting the race.  I didn’t see their season (season 5) but it was great to see that they had still maintained their weight loss.  Combined they lost over 225 pounds.   What I really liked about the course is that they had inspiration signs to keep you motivated.  I only took a picture of one set since I was carrying my iPhone in my Spibelt.  I also got to meet Andrea whose blog I read & follow on Twitter.  She recently reached onederland and to date has lost 149 pounds.  

This race is going on all over the country & if you get a chance I certainly encourage you to participate.  It was very well organized & I really liked the location. It didn’t feel intimidating at all which is something I used to worry about.  If they come back to the area next year, I hope it’s closer to SF.  

The signs along the course said:

It’s never a question of can you, but will you?

When your feet get tired, run with your heart. 

Find your comfort zone, then leave it!