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The Cool Kids

I had planned on sneaking to one of the corrals ahead of me to build a cushion so I’m not pressured with the time restrictions. Don’t worry, I’ll stay out of the way from the speedy runners.

What’s the best way to do that? I’ve never had an assigned corral & in looking at the race info there are 25 corrals. I do not want to be in the last corral which I fear I will be in. I guess I’m just unsure of how things will work that morning.

  1. beckles said: When I did Tinkerbell I snuck into an earlier corral (I was assigned #5 of 5 and snuck into #3) - that was a GREAT buffer. I would try to sneak into one about 20 minutes ahead of yours. Just walk like you know where you’re going.
  2. run-doozer-run said: At least they drive you to the end and let you cross the finish line….but, still, that seems a bit silly. Best of luck sneaking into a closer corral!
  3. yogawarriornyc said: The corrals aren’t blocked off or anything and people are mixed together once you really start to get back there. I was in corral 30 and probably started closer to 21 or 22. No biggie, you’ll be fine as long as you’re not trying to get into 7 or 8 :)
  4. crystalfindsherstrength said: Just slide in with a bunch of other runners. I’ve never had an issue getting into an earlier corral. Just don’t go to the first two-three. Once you guys start move immediately to the right. That’s the slow lane for runners and cars alike. :)
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