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Tumbling about getting healthy & fit (lost 116 lbs but gained back 50 #sadpanda), learning to love myself and trying to live life to the fullest.

The Cool Kids

Flashback Friday - this past
Sunday’s Biggest Loser Run.

The pictures were free for us to download. For a 5K race, they had so many photographers on the course. I’ve never seen that many for a race of 2,000 people.

My first thought after seeing my pictures: oh god! I look like I have t-rex arms.

Second thought: look at me run!

Have to work on making the second thought the priority & completely ignore the first.

  1. honestlyamy said: You look great!!!
  2. coffeefortiffany said: My first thought was look at her run!
  3. seeamandarun said: You look awesome!!!!
  4. yogawarriornyc said: Look at you run!!! You look ab fab, girl!
  5. maryfreakingsunshine said: You look GREAT!!
  6. fromlazytolively said: Go girl!! You’re so awesome! :)
  7. illkeep-upthepace said: youlook awesome!! congrats dear :)
  8. oddruns said: That’s awesome! Most places charge an insane amount for pics. and you look great, you look like a runner.
  9. macindy said: you look focused!
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