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Last night I instagrammed this picture and caption:

That’s what ONE portion of pasta looks like (2oz of pasta + 6.9oz bowl =8.9 oz) #FML #TheMoreYouKnow #IgnoranceIsBliss

Buying this scale has been the stupidest thing smartest thing I’ve done to help me lose weight.  I’ve talked about my struggle with portions.  It’s been a struggle all my life.   When I got home from buying it and measured out this whole wheat pasta, I was shocked. It’s so depressing to see that.  I have been overestimating my portions by a lot.  

So what do I do now?  Do I use my scale or do I let it collect dust?  I bought it so I could be held accountable.  When I showed my mom what one portion of pasta was she started laughing and looked at me like I was crazy.  Since we were each cooking out own pasta, this is what she cooked to have for two days.  

Are you freaking kidding me?  That’s roughly like 8 portions.   The fact that she is going to eat all of this is frightening to me.  It’s frightening because I used to do that.  When I mentioned it to her, I think she got annoyed with me.  I don’t think she is a fan of the fact that I am more aware of my calories and mention them to her.    My mom is probably overweight by 50 pounds or so. When I ask her about it, she says that as long as she doesn’t weigh over 200 pounds she is ok.   She had double bypass heart surgery 10 years ago when she was 46.  Every time she goes to the doctor they tell her she needs to lose weight.  She does work out (sporadically) and her job keeps her active but still I worry about her.  

I had hoped that one of the benefits of me living with her would be she would eat healthier.  I cook dinner for us the majority of the time but doesn’t seem to do much.   She still buys junk food and has wine almost every other night.   I can’t control what she does but I do hope that she can maybe adjust her eating habits by seeing what I do.  

As I prepared my dinner and measured everything out, it was evident that buying this scale will help me with my portion control issues.  I thought that the pasta I was making wasn’t going to be enough but after I had my pasta with homemade pasta sauce and a salad, I was satisfied.  I didn’t need to stuff myself with food.  One portion was enough.  

  1. blissmanifesto said: You can’t control what your mom does, sadly. But you can control what you do. Use the scale, use your journal or MFP, go deep into it. You are important enough to be worth all that attention and work! Don’t think about your mom for now.
  2. onwardsanddownwards said: My mom is the same way. When I showed her on the nutrition panel that an entire box of pasta was 8 servings she got mad and said that the serving sizes weren’t for “real” people. Good for you for measuring out! It’s tough to only eat one ounce of pasta!
  3. stuckinrunningmode said: I used to plate up all my food on the scale. I must get back into that habit again. Your mum will follow suit when she feels ready.
  4. trip-to-fitland said: Food scale is a useful thing in the kitchen. And I understand you wanting to help your mom to be healthier, but it’s her who has to want it. Maybe after seeing you getting healthier and happier she will agree to do this with you too :)
  5. shortmom said: My kitchen scale and measuring cups are the most important tool in shrinking my waist.
  6. lovehandletales said: I’ve thought about buying a scale as well. Maybe I will after seeing what an actual portion looks like.
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