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#junepowermealaday #green monster vegan overnight oats. I heard about this recipe from @blogilates & I followed @ohsheglows’ recipe.

1 large handful of spinach

1 large ripe banana

1.5 tbsp of chia seeds

1 cup of almond milk

1/3 cup of rolled oats

I used 1/2 of oats since I like more texture in my oatmeal. Blend everything except the oats until smooth. In a bowl add oats & then pour smoothie on top. Stir until combined & refrigerate overnight. I added some sliced almonds to mine as a topping. #eatclean cc: @powercakes (Taken with instagram)

  1. trip-to-fitland said: I make green monster oatmeal for my pre gym meals. It always always tastes great!
  2. maryfreakingsunshine said: So wait, you eat it cold? Not sure if I could get on board with that, but it sounds like it could be tasty!
  3. justdoitjolie said: Never seen green oatmeal before. How does it taste??
  4. brittanyfindsherself said: For some reason, green smoothies don’t freak me out, but green oatmeal doesn’t seem as appetizing. But I’m sure it tasted delicious :)
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