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Tumbling about getting healthy & fit (lost 116 lbs but gained back 50 #sadpanda), learning to love myself and trying to live life to the fullest.

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Today I had a somewhat intense conversation with my mom. To give you a bit of background, she hurt her foot almost 2.5 years ago. In that time, she has self diagnosed herself several times, gone to the doctor, stopped going, started acupuncture, got some cortisone shots and the list goes on. She has done anything and everything to avoid surgery which is what one of the doctors recommended.

She’s on her feet all day due to her job. She’s overweight. She doesn’t take care of herself. She works out at times. She isn’t a spring chicken anymore.

My sister and I have talked to her about her health/weight and her foot issue and she blocks us out. Early this week she tells me that her foot continues to hurt her (the cortisone shot is wearing off) and that she thinks she’ll have surgery in 4 weeks.

Um what?!?! Because of my job, I can’t take time off because I do to get paid PTO and I can’t afford to not get paid especially if my mom isn’t working (she’s self employed). My sister is in her last semester of her MBA plus she works full time. She asked that if my
Mom were to have the surgery that she have it during the summer so that school wouldn’t be an issue and she can take the time off from work. But she didn’t listen.

But here’s the kicker — her surgery is scheduled for 9/19. She goes to Cabo on vacation from 9/13 to 9/18. Wouldn’t a rational person cancel that vacation and concentrate on getting shit together before said surgery? Every time she flies, her feet swell up. How the fuck does she think it’s ok to come back that way? She’ll be drinking and eating things out of the norm. She’ll be exhausted from her trip and also because she will have worked extra hard the previous two weeks before going on vacation. I told her she should cancel it and she said “no I don’t want to”. I asked her if the roles were reversed and it was me going on vacation right before a surgery that will leave me on rest for 4 to 6 weeks. She just looked at me and didn’t say anything. Also who is going to look after her? Timing sucks right now and it’s like she doesn’t care.

I don’t know what to do anymore. She scared the crap out of me when she had emergency heart surgery about 12 years ago. It was an emergency because she ignored the signs. If her friend hasn’t forced her to go, who knows what could’ve happened. After going through that scary experience, you think she would have learned.

My mom is the most important person in my life. I would do anything for her. I want to help her but she won’t let me. She’s the first one to be there for her brothers and sisters yet she doesn’t look out for herself.

Michael Morse is his own best friend


Michael Morse is his own best friend

The beginning of a beautiful sunset (at Baker Beach)

For a quick second, I seriously thought “how does OpenTable know I’m doing Whole30?” when I read the first part of their email.

Oh boy. I need help.

I’m gonna miss you so much. And by you, I mean gum.

Chewing mint or fennel is not the same thing and why would they even recommend that?


Today’s water infusion is blueberries + cucumber + chia seeds. I’ve been a struggling with my water consumption because I’ve been a bit of a diet coke addict as of late. However yesterday, I refilled my water bottle 4 times and said no to diet coke.

Gonna roll with the infused water all the way into Whole30.

Any fun plans for the three day weekend? Besides preparing for September, I’ll have one last hoorah with my friend Karen as we are going wine tasting tomorrow.

Looks like three more people will be doing Whole30 in September: thespartanhusband, chrisbiketri & stephsaysgo. Yay!


I bet the last thing you wanna do on this glorious Friday (before a three-day weekend, no less!) is think about packing a lunch, but I’m hoping I can nudge you in the right direction with the sixth installment of Paleo Lunchboxes 2014. Who can resist a beautiful and satisfying salad tucked into a lovely LunchBots container? Not me!

Paleo Lunchboxes 2014 (Part 6 of 7) by Michelle Tam

Besides, even if your wee ones gag at the thought of tucking into a salad, there’s nothing that says these boxes have to be for kids. Last time I checked, adults need lunches, too.

Paleo Lunchboxes 2014 (Part 6 of 7) by Michelle Tam

If you’ve got a peach, some thinly sliced prosciutto…

Paleo Lunchboxes 2014 (Part 6 of 7) by Michelle Tam

…fresh salad greens…

Paleo Lunchboxes 2014 (Part 6 of 7) by Michelle Tam

…and a handful of pistachios…

Paleo Lunchboxes 2014 (Part 6 of 7) by Michelle Tam

…you’re in business: make my Watercress with Seared Prosciutto + Peaches! You’ll love the balance of savory and sweet—and the fact that prepping this salad takes almost no time at all.

Remember: If peaches aren’t your cup of tea, you can always use apples, nectarines, or pears instead. Not a fan of watercress? No problem—substitute your favorite leafy greens. Just promise me you’ll make your lunch, okay?

Here are a few tips to ensure that your salad tastes great when you crack open your LunchBots at mealtime:

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Currently on my pre-Whole30 food farewell tour.

Freshly baked sourdough with Idaho ham, roast turkey, pepper jack cheese, Dijon mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, pepperoncini, jalapeño and avocado.

Bring on the food coma…

Also asmallloss decided to join Whole30 September. Woot! Anyone else want to join us?

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.
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mango + cucumber infused water.

Happy Thursday friends!