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Tumbling about getting healthy & fit (lost 116 lbs but gained back 50 #sadpanda), learning to love myself and trying to live life to the fullest.

The Cool Kids


Little-known fact: Jimmy and Dwayne Johnson used to have pretty serious careers as fitness instructors.

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angies—life - I seriously owe you. I can pay you back in red velvet brownies. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t know about Laura in the Kitchen on YT and I wouldn’t have made this awesome orange chicken for dinner today.


SO simple and sooooo good.

Tracked all my food today. Feels good to be on the wagon.


missmarisol replied to your post: 5 Random Facts About Me

Do you have sources where you learned how to cook or did you just teach yourself by following recipes?

A little of both. My main resources were:

For future reference… Thank you!


“People waste way too much energy taking things personally. That Facebook post is probably not about you. It was probably an accident that you weren’t tagged in that picture. And the person you’re dating is probably acting sad because that’s how they respond to setbacks at work, not because of anything you did.”

My coworker is better than yours. #100happydays #day44 #blowpops


I just want to be important to someone. I want someone to be afraid to lose me. I want to feel special.

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What’s for dinner?

Pan roasted salmon on sautéed tomatoes, spinach and kalamata olives with brown rice and red quinoa. Yummers! I added a teaspoon of butter to the pan while cooking the salmon. Dude, it makes such a difference. Total for this plate is 15PP+

Also, guess who has tracked her food for 8 days?!? I’m kinda proud of myself. Whether it be a healthy choice or not so healthy (hello cookie butter), I’ve been tracking everything.

Also, if you are looking for a quick side to any meal, this red quinoa and brown rice mix from Costco is damn good. 150 calories/4 PP+ for 1/2 cup and it’s very filling.





I’m just gonna let the world figure this out

What does this mean???? Help????

wait for iiiitt……

brilliant! If you get it, I request the highest of fives!


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A reminder that my mom and sister are awesome. They sent me flowers at work to congratulate me on my promotion. #100happydays #day43