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Tumbling about getting healthy & fit (lost 116 lbs but gained back 50 #sadpanda), learning to love myself and trying to live life to the fullest.

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That’s what she said!

Yup, today is the last day of Whole30. It’s almost surreal!

Whole30 Day 29 : kind of a random dinner but it’s Whole30 compliant and that’s what counts. Chicken salad stuffed bell pepper with mango. So random.


Chicken is something I struggle to cook. I tend to overcook it because no one wants pink chicken. Then I have to eat slightly dry chicken and who wants that?

I tried this recipe today and omg the chicken is so juicy and flavorful! I’m going to try the simple brine recipe they suggested for the next time I make chicken. Now I have a week’s worth of chicken to add to my lunch salads or wraps.


Dang it! Forgot to add on my bullet points that I’ve had several people ask me what my first regular meal will be and the only think I can say is oatmeal with peanut butter, chopped apple, and cinnamon. Yes, not pizza or cookies, just oatmeal. Times are hopefully changed for good!

This is exactly what I plan on having for breakfast on Wednesday.


Not sure if we’re allowed to do this, but fuck it. Here’s a recipe leaked straight from our new book for some Roasted Sriracha Cauliflower Bites. If you haven’t preordered the book yet, pull your shit together and get to it. If you have preordered the book already, take the rest of today off because clearly you’re ahead of the fucking game.

Anyone heard of thugkitchen? I heard about them on FB when a friend posted a link letting people know you can pre-order their book. I’m not vegan. I don’t plan to go vegan but since Whole30 I do view food differently and their recipes look amazing and simple.

Whole30 Day 26 to 28

I haven’t been posting every day because my meals have been on point and a bit repetitive. More like boring. However today meals were kind of jacked up. I ate Whole30 complaint food but I basically snacked all day and ate too many cashews, dried mango and plantain chips. I won’t be buying those again since I just can’t have one portion.

Tonight for brinner I had carne asada, fried egg and potatoes.

The more I think about it, the more I realize that I can’t continue Whole30 past these two days. I think one of the reasons why I snacked and ate is because I felt frustrated by the choices of food that I have right now.

Why can’t I have a small piece of chocolate?

Why can’t I have some popcorn?

Why can’t I have some freakin oatmeal?

I think the reason why I’ve been doing so well is because an end was in sight. I knew that on October 1st I could eat and drink whatever I want. I’m leaning more towards really embracing the ToneItUp program which means clean eating with some indulgences every once in a while.

"I think I’m going to join Weight Watchers."

This was the beginning of a conversation that I had with my sister last night. My sister who is 5’7 and weighs 140. She said that she just doesn’t feel good and knows she needs to eat better.

My “bitter slightly jealous of her ability to eat anything and why has she always been skinny” self almost dismissed her comment. Almost. But instead I told her that she didn’t need to do WW that there was a free app where she can track her calories. Instead of making a negative comment that was meant to make her feel bad thus making me feel good I decided to not be a jerk.

I could’ve made light of her desire to lose weight because I would kill to be at that weight but just like she’s never been in my place, I’ve never been in hers. Maybe for her it isn’t about losing weight but rather feeling good and to stop eating unhealthy. Maybe she just doesn’t feel comfortable at this weight. Who am I to judge her or belittle her ya know? All I will do is support her just like she support me.

Post season bound baby! Perfect weather for baseball. #sfgiants #OctoberQuest #evenyear (at AT&T Park)

Don’t expect anyone to understand your journey, especially if they haven’t walked your path.